Farm Fresh Eggs

izzys egg stand
Our birds are out on pasture during the day and are fed high quality certified organic feed. You can purchase our eggs at Izzy’s Egg Stand located at the entrance of the farm. This is a self-serve, honor system egg stand.


Chicken eggs are more common than duck eggs. If you are interested in duck eggs, send us a message and we’ll put some out for you.

Dozen Organic Pastured Chicken Eggs $6.00

Dozen Organic Pastured Duck Eggs $7.00



Our pigs – We have both hybrid sows and purebred Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. We typically sell a couple of piglets as weaner pigs and raise the rest to sell as finished hogs. The bulk of their diet is certified organic grain feed. They also get some milk from our goats and some hay, alfalfa, and whatever grass is growing out in the fields where they are pastured. We sometimes give them spent grains from a local brewery to keep them busy.

It is hard to find pigs that are both pasture raised and eating Certified Organic Grains. The cost of raising them in small batches and the time spent taking care of them makes it hard on those taking on the feat. We like to provide this for our family, we like to eat as healthy as we can, and so we offer it to yours. We want to continue providing this product and will do so as long as we can find customers who see the value in this product. We look to farms that offer similar products to adjust pricing.

Our ‘Friendly Critters Farm – Hog Shares Explained‘ document will ‘walk you through’ the purchasing process. If you are interested in a share, message us for availability.


We are also breeding a pair of Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. This is a heritage breed known for it docility and ability to adapt to pasture raising. They are gorgeous piggies. Our next litter is expected June 22, 2017. E-mail us if you’re interested in some of these piglets.


Rabbits – We harvested our first rabbit the Fall of 2015 and are definitely going to be raising these. Rabbits are incredibly lean and taste a lot like chicken. It is like a huge chicken breast with more flavor and more juice! E-mail us if you are interested.


As our farm grows, so will our menu.  If we do not have a specific product available, we will be glad to connect you with another local farmer who does.