Friendly Critters Farm CSA Shares


This year, 2017, Friendly Critters Farm is starting a CSA. We want an ‘out of the box’ CSA! Our family loves diversity and individuality and this is what our CSA model focuses on. Unlike other CSAs, we will offer smaller shares for those that want some products from a local farm but do not want to commit to large quantities that may go to waste.




Produce Share $175

A small portion of vegetables, herbs, sprouts, fruit (when available) and foraged goods. Towards mid season we will have teas in our shares as well. The ‘Produce’ Share will vary greatly and because some items may be new to you, we will have a newsletter with links to recipes for you to try. The produce share will also include flowers from the garden because a meal should be enjoyed with lovely flowers!







Chicken Egg Share – Add On $110

Includes 1 dozen chicken eggs a week. Our chickens are on a certified organic feed diet and are pastured (this means they spend their days outside roaming the farm).

Mixed Egg Share – Add On $125

Includes ½ dozen chicken and ½ dozen duck eggs a week. Our chickens and ducks are on a certified organic feed diet and are pastured (this means they spend their days outside roaming the farm).




Pick-Up – CSA Share Pick-ups will be at FoCo Cafe, 225 Maple Street, Fort Collins, CO on Saturdays between 11am-1:30pm.


Delivery – If you would like your share delivered to your door, we can arrange to do that for an additional fee of $1/mile from the pick up location.


Emergencies – If something comes up and you cannot pick up your share, please text us (407) 766-6049 and we will arrange to get that to you. You will have the option to have 1 courtesy complimentary home delivery or you can arrange to pick it up at the farm later that day. If you cannot pick up or accept delivery on pickup day, you have the option to forego your share that week and double up the next week. Please note this is just for emergencies. We love being flexible but also want to make sure that you get to experience the variety of goodies from the foraging part of the share.


Duration – We plan to have our CSA go for 20 weeks, goodies permitting. Don’t worry – the amazing thing about the great minds behind this model, you will read about them in our first newsletter, is that they know so much about gardening and foraging! First pickup is scheduled for June 11th.


Payment – We are old fashioned here at the Farm. We accept cash or check. We can also extend a payment plan on a need basis.


Sign Up – To sign up, please fill out this form. We will e-mail you with an invoice and our CSA Share Agreement. You can then send the signed agreement and payment to the Farm. Once payment clears, you will receive a receipt and an invitation to receive our newsletter which will send you weekly updates about the CSA share (what to expect, recipes, etc). If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Jeremy (970) 412-0979 or Forest (970) 213-3219.