About Us

DSCN1205We consider ourselves ‘Urban Outcasts’!  The idea of owning a farm never crossed our minds, or at least not a homestead farm.  As a teenager I fantasized about owning an equine estate and riding every day.  I grew up with horses and through middle/high school took up show jumping.  Life is funny that way brings things back to you in the most unexpected ways.

When we lived in Grand Junction, CO, we decided to look for a source of fresh chicken eggs.  We found the best!  Not only were the eggs delicious, but the farmstress has become a good friend and invaluable resource.  When we went to pick up eggs at Ms. Suzanne’s farm, our daughter fell in love with her chickens.  And that’s how it all began!  Visiting with chickens led to getting some backyard chickens.  Then we realized we had outgrown Grand Junction and found ourselves moving across the mountains.  After about six months of searching for a place to call home, we found this house.  It was just the right size for us and our ‘dream operation’.  We kept it all a secret from our kids and the look on our little girl’s face when we told her we now had a farm of our own was priceless!

We’ve since added some critters and loved watching our kids run around enjoying the farm life.